African Film and Video for Teaching French, English, and Swahili Language and Literature Workshop

Xavier University, New Orleans, March 12 to 14, 1998


This workshop originates from our belief that African film offers language students at all levels opportunities to see and hear French, English, and Swahili used in the context of African cultures. Most importantly, African film in the classroom gives students a sense of authentic language usage  not easily conveyed in most instructional materials.       

African film provides a valuable resource for exposing language students to the rich and dynamic African cultures in which French, English, and Swahili speakers live.


The incorporation of ethnographic and feature film into foreign language and literature instruction is not intended to replace aspects of pedagogy already in place, but to provide additional tools for language learning at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.



Thursday,  March 12

1 ‑ 4pm                Registration


3:30 Tour - Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Xavier U.(Optional)

Mrs. Janice Florent-Young, Tech Coordinator


4:00pm                      Opening Session:

Welcome Remarks, Dr. Karen Becnel Moore, Dept. of Lang., Xavier U.

Dr. Harold Vincent, Dean, Collge of Arts & Sciences, Xavier U.

Mrs. Sybil Morial, Asc.VP for Public Affairs & Comm., Xavier U.

Dr. David Wiley, Dir., African Studies Center, Michigan State U. (MSU)

Tama Hamilton-Wray, Coord., African Media Program, MSU


Opening Address:

Issues Related to Teaching African Languages, Dr. David Dwyer, Prof.,

Dept. of Linguistics & Lang., MSU


Introduction of Participants


6:00pm                      Reception


7:00pm                      French Language Film Showing: 

Le Grand Blanc de Lambaréné (The Great White Man of Lambrene)

by Bassek ba Kobhio (Gabon, 1995, 93 min.)          


Friday,  March 13

8:30 ‑ 10am            Plenary Session:

Teaching Africa for the 21st Century, Dr. David Wiley


10:30 ‑ noon            Plenary Session: 

Introduction to African Film and Video, Dr. Maureen Eke, Dept. of English,                        Central Michigan U.


1:30 - 4:30pm            Parallel Sessions:      

French, Dr. Anthony Ciccone, Dept. U. of Wisc &

Dr. Emmanuel Yewah, Foreign Lang. Dept., Albion College

English, Dr. Maureen Eke, Central Michigan U.

Swahili, Dr. Lioba Moshi, Dir., African Studies & African Lang. Prog.,

U. of Georgia                 

4:30 ‑ 5pm            Plenary Session


5 ‑ 6:45pm            Swahili Language Film Showing:

Arusi Ya Mariamu (The Marriage of Mariamu)

by Nangayoma Ng'oge & Ron Mulvihill (Tanzania, 1985, 36 min.)

Mama Tumaini by Martin Mhando & Sigue Endressen (Tanzania, 61 min.)


Saturday,  March 14

9am ‑ noon               Parallel Sessions:      

French, Dr. Anthony Ciccone and Dr. Emmanuel Yewah

English, Dr. Maureen Eke

Swahili, Dr. Lioba Moshi


1:15 ‑ 3pm              Parallel Sessions:      

French, Dr. Anthony Ciccone and Dr. Emmanuel Yewah

English, Dr. Maureen Eke

Swahili, Dr. Lioba Moshi


3:15 ‑ 4:30              Plenary Session:      

Workshop Evaluation

WEB Resources, Dr. John Metzler, Co-Director, African Media Program, MSU



4:30 ‑ 6pm            English Language Film Showing:

Neria by Godwin Mawuru (Zimbabwe, 1992, 102 min.)


Continuous Viewing of African Films will be located in the Library, Instructional Media, Rm 4